Voice Keyer Software (SM3WMV)         Voice Recorder Software (Audacity) 

How to use Voice Keyer and Voice Recorder Listed Above..

Download and save both programs. Place an icon for Voice Keyer, on the task bar on your PC. That will make it easy to access when you want to use it.

First you have to make & save some recordings of yourself calling CQ, CQ DX, CQ Contest etc, depending on your needs. You can do that using almost any voice recording program that works with Windows. I recommend the free Audacity software as listed above.

Just go into Audacity and record your CQ calls, and save them as .wav files. To do so, plug in your PC mic. if necessary, or use the built in mic. on laptops. Click the "Record" symbol on Audacity Voice Recorder to record, and save each of them to a folder in your Documents, under a name you will remember. I use "recorded audio files".

To Setup Voice Keyer:

Open "Voice Keyer", click on "Setup" then click on "Messages". Next click on one of the blank buttons and enter in "Description" a short title such as "CQDX". Next click on "Path", and navigate to the audio .wav file you saved before, and save it into Voice Recorder . Do the same for each individual message you want to record. Make a button for each message, plain old "CQ", "CQDX", CQ Contest, etc., or whatever floats your boat.

Next go back into "Setup" and click on "PTT" and set up whatever port your PC uses. In my case I use Com 4 with PTT enabled. That is the same Com port I use for DM 780. If you want it to repeat the message, go back to "Setup" and click "Auto CQ". Check the "Auto CQ Enable" button, and choose the length of time in milliseconds you desire between CQ calls. 5000 milliseconds = 5 seconds. In the "Repeat Message" field there, highlight the title of the message you want to repeat, such as "CQ Contest". Once you have it set up, you don't need to go through all this again next time you need to use it. Just open the program, tell it if you want Auto CQ enabled, click on the proper button and away you go.

To Use Voice Keyer:

Turn on your radio, set to desired frequency, open Voice Keyer program, and click on the button for the message you desire (like CQ Contest). Control power output using the speaker slider (or whatever your PC uses to control audio level) just like you would using DM 780 in digital modes.

If someone answers your CQ between calls, you can just hit the Esc button on your PC. and answer them using your microphone like normal.

To resume calling CQ, just click on the appropriate button, and it will start calling again. When you are finished using the Voice Keyer, go ahead and close it out since it will hog your Com port and not allow you to use it for DM 780 etc. while Voice Keyer is still open.

It is not nearly as complicated as it sounds here. It is pretty much intuitive, so just play with it a bit and you will figure it out.