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QRZ callsign lookup:  

F.C.C. Regulations

FCC Regulations: Part 97 (Amateur Radio Service)

FCC Enforcement Bureau

Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator

Emission Designator List

FCC Exam Element Credit Rules and Instructions


Callsign & Contest Info

F.C.C. Amateur License Search Callsign Database

Buckmaster World Wide Ham Call Callsign Server Russian Power Multi Callsign Search

IK3QAR QSL Manager Lookup

NCVEC  1 X 1 (Special Event) Call Sign Lookup

8 Day Contest Calendar

Amateur Radio Contesting FAQs  (ZS1AN)
How To Apply For a Vanity Callsign
Amateur Extra Vanity Callsign Availability
Print a Reference Copy of Your License


FREE Software Downloads

* Hamstudy *
Free On Line Ham licensing Study Course By Icom.

Voice Keyer Software (SM3WMV)

Voice Recorder Software (Audacity) 
Records .wav Voice Files (inc. Windows 7)

How To Set Up & Use The Voice Keyer & Voice Recorder Software Listed Above

Slash   & Morse Characters Font Download
From GHWC Website

Ham Radio Deluxe

JT65 HF Comfort
An Improved Version of JT65 HF
Scroll Down The Page & Download:  "neueste Version : JT65-HF-Comfort 3.3"
(See English Translation Page Below)

JT 65 HF Comfort - German To English Translation Of The Website Above

JT Alert Software
 Companion Utility To JT65 HF & Comfort

JT9 & WSJT-X Software Download
After Opening WSJT Page, Scroll Down To "Downloads" & Click On " WSJTX - Windows" & download latest version.

The Old Codger's Guide to JT65A and JT9 via WSJT-X Software  (Above)
By Andy K3UK

Version 1.01 , a work in progress.

KG-UV Commander Software Download
Free Wouxun Programming Software

EasyPal  Digital Slow Scan Television Software

MMSSTV  Analog Slow Scan Television Software

On - Line Archive of 73 Magazine

ieSpell - Free Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Email Stripper For Windows
Cleans Up Forwarded E-mails, Making Them Easier to Read

PSK Reporter
Not a Download, But a Webpage Link



Gray Line Chart

NWS Enhanced Radar Image (Nationwide)

Solar Cycle

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Space Weather Specialists

N.O.A.A. Space Weather Now

Maximum Useable Frequency - Real Time M.U.F. Map

PSK Reporter


Electronic Components

Capacitor Codes

Resistor Codes

Resistor, Capacitor, and LED Tables

Reading Component Color & Numerical Codes

Electronic Component Identification

Resistor Code Calculator

Capacitor Code Calculator

MiscEl Calculators

Antenna Feed Line Loss Calculator

Ham Component Search
A sourcing engine to help hams find electronic parts and components, with pricing and availability


Conversion & Calculation

Wire Antenna Calculator (Courtesy of Central California DX Club)

Electronic Circuit Simulator  (Java Applet)

Maidenhead Grid Square Calculator

Latitude / Longitude / Distance Calculation

Measurement Unit Calculator / Converter

Conversion Table

On - Line Currency Converter



Ham Related Websites

A.R.R.L. Welcome To Amateur Radio Page

A.R.R.L. Homepage

A.R.R.L. Periodicals Archive & Search (A.R.R.L. Members Only)

A.R.R.L. Amateur Exam Question Pools

A.R.R.L. VEC Program
Become A Volunteer Examiner

A.R.R.L. PRB-1 Local Government Antenna Restriction Ordinance Page

A.R.R.L. Antenna Restriction ( CC&R - Homeowners Association ) Page Home Page

Radio Operators Of South Texas - (R.O.O.S.T)

Feld Hell Club


10 - 10 International Club



F.C.C. Amateur Radio Service

AD5X Website

KBG Website
An Outstanding Website For Amateur Mobile Operators

W1AEX Website

G4UCJ Radio Website
Includes An Excellent Digital Modes Primer

Digital Modes Information Page - WB8NUT

Amateur Radio HF Digital Mode Frequencies List

Rig Reference guide for ham radio equipment

Amateur Radio Resources - Scanners
Thanks to Carrie & Ms. Deborah Ward's Classroom

Zip Scanners
Police Scanners & More



Ham Equipment Suppliers

Ham Component Search
A sourcing engine to help hams find electronic parts and components, with pricing and availability

MFJ Enterprises


Radio Works (stranded copper window line)

    Amateur Electronic Supply  ( AES )

Universal Radio


Burqhardt Amateur Center

Associated Radio

     Ham Radio Outlet  ( HRO )

R&L Electronics

Main Trading Co.

Nifty Ham Accessories

Amidon Associates (Chokes, Toroids Baluns etc.)

RF Parts

Balun Designs

Palomar Engineers

DX Engineering

True Ladder Line

Radio Shack  ( Searchable, Current On - Line Catalog )

Traffie Technologies  (Hex Beam Antennas)

Arrow Antennas. Com

Octopart  ( On - Line Electronic Parts Search Engine )

The Wireman

Buckscom (Ham Radio Express)

Batteries America

Morse Express

Radio Works

Callsign Wear

Ham Component Search
A sourcing engine to help hams find electronic parts and components, with pricing and availability

Turning Point High Visibility USB Keyboard



 Ham Radio History and Nostalgia

Sixty Years of Lafayette Radio

Radio & TV Broadcasting History and Resources

Radio Shack Archive of Radio Shack Catalogs From The Past  (Very Nostalgic)

Ham Radio History - A.R.R.L.

USA Amateur Radio History and Licensing  (

The History of Amateur Radio (Luxorion)

Ham Radio History (

Ham's Life

Outline of Amateur Radio History (.pdf document)

United  States Early Radio History


Misc. Information

Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing

C.I.A. World Fact Book

The U.S. Constitution

About the U.S. Constitution

The Declaration of Independence

The Federalist Papers

The Anti - Federalist Papers

Magna Carta

How A Federal Bill Becomes Law

U. S. Department of Veteran's Affairs

Guide for Addicted Veterans and their Families

Search the United States Code  Find all the U.S. Federal Laws here.

Global Warming Skeptics

View Current Moon Phase

Quit Smoking

PTSD / Drug Rehab


Education Related Links

Law Enforcement Training
Courtesy of Gina Holstead

Educator Labs

History Lessons for Teachers


304 Lesson Plans for Teachers


Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements


How To Become A Teacher



Other K5RCD Related Websites

Shannon Ridge Homeowner's Association

Recreational Fishing Alliance - Texas State Chapter


Religion & Philosophy

The Holy Bible Search Page  

God's Yellow Pages

The KORAN (Quran)
What does it REALLY say ? -  READ IT HERE !
See the SEARCH section at the bottom of the page.


Visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute - Website.

Visit The U.S.A. On Watch - Website

Visit the FBI - Website

Visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Website


Visit the National Sheriff's Association - Website


Internet Fraud Complaint Center